About 33% of Americans — and 3 in 5 respondents who have formed an opinion — think the special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report in the Russia investigation implicated President Donald Trump, according to a new INSIDER poll.
Before the report was released, Attorney General William Barr revealed the investigation did not establish there was a criminal conspiracy between Trump and/or his campaign and anyone associated with the Russian government.
Barr said Mueller declined to draw a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice, but that as the attorney general, he reviewed Mueller’s evidence and determined the president did not commit an obstruction offense.
Trumpworld seized on Barr’s comments and said they represented a “complete and total exoneration” of the president.
But the report paints a much more nuanced picture and, in some cases, directly contradicts what Barr told the public.
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A third of Americans think the final report in the special…

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