Submitted by Peter Pham, Managing Director of One Road Research, first part of a two-part special report on the Perestroika Deception. 

Take a moment to consider that for the past 75 years, nearly all conflicts around the world fundamentally stem from the US, Russia and China. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the tragedy of Tienanmen square, we were all lead to believe that Gorbachev had helped usher in reforms that have changed the world.

As Russia and China ramp-up their relations, we see that what was once old, is new again. This is part of a subversive strategy developed by the world’s largest intelligence state – Russia… Now headed by former intelligence officer Vladimir Putin.

The Soviet Perestroika

The USSR’s perestroika plan or “restructuring” eased previous restrictions and allowed market-based trade. All to make socialism work more effectively for its citizens. Yet perestroika is widely considered to be the death…

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