A member of Russian parliament said that women should avoid “intimate relations” with foreigners during the World Cup, reports The Telegraph, amid reports that over 1 million international tourists are expected. 

Tamara Pletnyova, head of Russia’s family, women and children’s affairs committee, suggested that even if these relationships lead to marriage – the men will just take the women and/or their children out of the country.

“Even if they get married, they’ll take them away, then she doesn’t know how to get back,” said Pletnyova on Russian radio station Govorit Moskva. “Then they come to me in the committee, girls crying that their baby was taken away, was taken, and so on.”

“I’d like people in our country to marry for love, no matter what nationality as long as they are Russian citizens who will build a family, live peacefully, have children and raise them.”

Pletnyova noted that many women who “welcomed” foreigners during the 1980 Olympics in Moscow…

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