The Trump administration is under pressure amid reports that the White House failed to take action after being briefed on intelligence showing that Russia paid Taliban-linked militants secret bounties to kill American troops.
The White House pushed back on the reports, saying the president was never briefed on the intelligence because there was dissent within the intelligence community about its credibility.
The White House’s claim that this information was not conveyed to Trump because there wasn’t a consensus on its credibility is “horses–t,” Steve Hall, the CIA’s former chief of Russia operations, told Insider.
If the White House claim is true, it would be a catastrophic failure on the part of the intelligence community and would amount to “dereliction of duty,” a former CIA analyst told Insider.
The other possibility, Hall said, is “whether the topic of Russia has become so radioactive in this administration, dating back to the 2016 election, that it can’t…

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