Apple has listed Crimea is part of Russia on its services while inside Russia.
The country illegally annexed the Ukrainian region in 2014, a move that was condemned by the United States and the international community.
Alex Stamos, Facebook’s former Facebook chief, has slammed Apple’s decision to display the Ukrainian region as part of Russia.
The exec called it “shameful” and said it highlighted Apple’s “docile” workforce compared to other, more outspoken companies.
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Apple’s decision to list Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula as part of Russia has been slammed as “shameful” by Facebook’s former security chief, Alex Stamos.

On Wednesday, the BBC reported that while inside Russia, Apple’s apps now show Crimea as part on the country. The region is a part of Ukraine, and was illegally annexed by the Russian military in 2014. The United States has rejected Russia’s claim of sovereignty over Crimea and decried its “occupation” — but…

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