Yelena AfoninaTASS via Getty Images

MOSCOW—Chechen leader and Putin buddy Ramzan Kadyrov has taken up multiple wives, including one woman, Fatima Khazuyeva, whom he first met when she was only 15, according to a report published Wednesday.

Released by the independent outlet Project, the investigative report was focused on Russia tolerating “its own sultanate” within its borders, governed under separate rules. It featured a video and images of a villa that it says belongs to one of Kadyrov’s wives, Khazuyeva, who was a teenager when Kadyrov first met her at a Chechen beauty contest.

Along with Khazuyeva, the Chechen leader is known to be married to a now 35-year-old dancer and singer, Aminat Akhmadova. Counting his public-facing 42-year-old first wife, Medni Kadyrova—that makes at least three wives.

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