A French language AFP report over the weekend featured surprising photographs of Haitians burning American flags as the unrest and chaos continues especially in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.

Major cities throughout Haiti have for days essentially been on “lockdown” due to civil unrest and mass protests demanding that President Jovenal Moise step down over charges of corruption and rampant inflation under his watch — yet unlike similar unrest happening hundreds of miles due south of the small Caribbean country in Venezuela, Washington has stood in support of the president, who since 2017 has found himself facing a flood of popular anger surrounding the PetroCaribe scandal.

A man identifying himself only as Bronson, a Haitian protester, burns the US flag on February 15, via the APF.

Though the mass protests have multiple layers in terms of motives, stemming mostly from skyrocketing inflation and the government’s failure to hold to account leaders caught embezzling from a multi-billion dollar Venezuelan program that sent…

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