Unfortunately for President Trump, it looks like his ‘great friend’ President Xi has a new “best friend”, at least according to a questionable English translation of his remarks from a meeting in Moscow this week.

During Xi’s three-day trip to Moscow to mark the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, he and Putin shared many warm words as they took in a show at the Bolshoi while discussing “international issues” and even “literature and sport.”

The SCMP recounted some of Xi’s more florid remarks in a story warning that Washington risk isolating itself at its own peril.

“We have communicated extensively on the broadest range of issues, including international situations, bilateral ties and domestic governance,” Xi said.

“We have also talked about literature, art and sport…President Putin is the foreign colleague that I have interacted with most extensively. He is my best friend and I greatly treasure our friendship.”

Xi told press…

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