President Trump signed a “letter of intent” outlining plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to CNN.
The network produced what it says is a copy of the document, signed by Trump.
It appears to contradict Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who said on Sunday that “no one signed” the letter to Russian company IC Expert Investment Company. 
It comes after Giuliani said Trump and Michael Cohen may have been discussing a tower in Moscow as late as November 2016.
Trump’s 2016 election campaign finances are still under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller.
Trump denied pursuing business with Russia during his candidacy. More recently he has acknowledged the talks, which he says were “very legal!”

A leaked business document bearing President Trump’s signature shows that his lawyer Rudy Giuliani lied about Trump’s plans for a Tower in Moscow on Sunday, according to CNN.

Chris Cuomo, a host on the network, on Thursday produced what he said was…

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