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The husband of a major donor to Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has allegedly been secretly funded by a Russian oligarch who is closely linked to Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to leaked files.

Lubov Chernukhin is a Russian who has donated £1.7 million pounds to the Conservative party, making her the party’s biggest female donor. She has paid to spend time with each of the last three prime ministers, having once paid £160,000 for a tennis match with Boris Johnson.

Leaked financial documents shared with BBC Newsnight and other news organisations show that her husband Vladimir Chernukhin was given £6.1 million, originally by a Russian politician and oligarch called Suleyman Kerimov who faced sanctions from the US because of his close links with the Kremlin.

The leaks are part of a tranche of files leaked to news organisations, called the FinCen files, which allegedly show some of the world’s biggest banks…

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