MOSCOW—Accusations, police detentions, and court convictions have been raining on Lyubov Sobol, one of Russia’s youngest and most prominent opposition leaders. On Tuesday, a court here ordered the woman who had been Alexei Navalny’s No. 2 to 18 months of house arrest over what authorities called a “sanitary case.”

Her crime? The 33-year-old lawyer known for her blond hair and hipster glasses is accused of breaching COVID-19 restrictions by calling on opposition activists to join a peaceful anti-Putin protest to support the imprisoned Navalny back in January.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Sobol said the rash of prosecutions won’t stop her political activism. “I have a bracelet on my ankle. They banned me from leaving Moscow or walk[ing] out of my house for a year and a half at night time. But this is nothing compared to an attempt to kill my husband in 2016 or to the Novichok…

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