A Russian Soyuz booster rocket has failed in mid-air less than two minutes after take-off on Thursday, forcing the crew to make an emergency landing with the help of NASA and technicians on the ground. 

Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague were en route to the International Space Station in the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft; however the booster suffered engine failure based on an apparent malfunction a mere 119 seconds after liftoff, causing them to have to immediately abort the mission. 

Moments after the problem they separated the rocket from their vessel, only to make a dramatic “ballistic descent” in Kazakhstan, according to reports.

The pair, who were on their way to the International Space Station (ISS), transporting gear for scientific experiments that were to be conducted at the ISS, were unhurt in the reentry and landing. 

Stillframes via the AP

Helicopters reportedly scrambled for the emergency rescue, which required the two to exit the capsule…

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