Monday has probably been the single most embarrassing day for members of “the resistance” and their partners in the cable news media since Nov. 7, 2016. Not only did Pulitzer prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald trash the Russian collusion narrative as a “total fraud and scam” and “the saddest media spectacle I’ve ever seen,” but the arrest of former Stormy Daniels attorney, one-time 2020 wannabe and prominent Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti has sent cable news reporters combing through their feeds to hastily delete any embarrassing tweets and photos.

CNN host Don Lemon & CNN Political Analyst April Ryan drinking, partying & *dancing* with Avenatti
CNN interviewed Avenatti a hundreds of times last year
Avenatti is being charged with multiple federal crimes today
Remember this when CNN claims to be “objective” news

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) March 25, 2019

Before Avenatti’s myriad personal scandals – ranging from physical abuse to stiffing former employees -…

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