Before the special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report in the Russia investigation was released on Thursday, Attorney General William Barr laid out several reasons why he believed prosecutors did not come to a conclusion on whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice.
Barr ultimately made his own determination that Trump was not guilty of obstruction after reviewing Mueller’s findings.
But Mueller’s report directly contradicted nearly all of Barr’s claims about what prosecutors uncovered in the obstruction case.
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When Attorney General William Barr offered his “principal conclusions” on the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in the Russia investigation, he listed specific reasons why Mueller did not make a “traditional prosecutorial judgment” on whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice:

Barr said Mueller’s report did not conclude if Trump obstructed justice because of “‘difficult issues’ of law and fact” about whether Trump’s actions and intent could amount to obstruction.
Instead of making a decision, Barr…

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