After Mueller’s report on Russian collusion was submitted to the attorney general, President Trump claimed it gave him “total exoneration.”
But the attorney general’s own summary of the report provides grounds for unease in the White House, noting that though Mueller did not charge the president, he does does exonerate him.
The full report is likely to detail the president’s actions as he attacked the probe, likely to be damaging to the White House.
Barr is scheduled to submit the redacted report to Congress at 11am Thursday. 
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After special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on Russian collusion to Attorney General William Barrr back in March, President Trump was exultant.

The president claimed “complete and total exoneration” in remarks to reporters two days later, saying its findings showed “there was no collusion with Russia. There was no obstruction, none whatsoever.”

In the weeks following the president has continued to claim that the…

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