Prominent conservatives including Donald Trump Jr. and Sen. Ted Cruz retweeted misleading claims and footage attempting to depict Portland protesters as having burned a “stack of Bibles.”
But the narrative was originally set in motion by Russian-backed media outlet Ruptly, The New York Times reported Tuesday.
After Ruptly aired misleadingly edited footage of the protesters, a right-wing commentator tweeted the footage along with claims further mischaracterizing them, which several conservative politicians and news outlets then amplified.
The incident reveals Russia’s evolving and increasingly nuanced misinformation tactics, which now rely on real people spreading stories with elements of truth, not just fake news.

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Several high-profile conservatives including Donald Trump Jr. and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas shared Russian misinformation, the The New York Times reported Tuesday.

In Portland, Oregon, protests against police brutality have continued for more than 70 consecutive days. The protesters themselves have been largely peaceful, but have also…

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