The Trump campaign announced the lawsuit Wednesday afternoon, accusing The New York Times of knowingly publishing a false story about Russia collusion.
The article in question, written by former executive editor Max Frankel in 2019, was an opinion piece and clearly labeled as such.
“The Times obviously had a malicious motive, and also acted with reckless disregard for truth,” a draft of the complaint reads.
Almost a year after the Mueller Report was released, Trump is still unleashing his ire over the investigation as he heads into reelection in November.

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President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign announced their plans to sue The New York Times for libel in a Wednesday afternoon news release. 

In a draft complaint, the Trump campaign alleges that The New York Times knowingly published a false story about Russian collusion in an op-ed from March last year. 

The article was written in March 2019 by Max Frankel,…

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