While promoting her new memoir on the contentious 2016 US presidential election, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday offered her thoughts on the assessment that Russia had interfered in the election and potentially colluded with the Trump campaign.

“This is a different kind of theft,” Clinton said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “I think it’s probably bigger than Watergate because it is about the future. We no longer are worried about spies and provocateurs, dressed in black with gloves, breaking into an office and stealing information.”

“They do it sitting in the offices of the Russian military intelligence and other related venues,” Clinton said. “And they get into what is the core of our life now, through computer networks.”

Clinton said that she started paying attention to signs of informational warfare after the massive Democratic National Committee email leak in 2016. Citing the conspiracy theories that were borne out of the email leaks, Clinton asserted that Russia had…

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