Iranian tankers are heading to Venezuela with much-needed gasoline, a shipment the US has warned it may take action against.
Venezuela has found common cause with regimes that oppose the US, like Iran, Russia, and China.
The return of “great-power competition” has raised the stakes of the crisis in the South American country.
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The arrival of Iranian tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela will be another link between two of the Trump administration’s most implacable foes, but the exchange and the response underscore Venezuela’s growing role as a venue for competition between the US and its rivals.

The first of the five tankers will arrive in the next few days and the rest by early June. Their 1.5 million barrels of gasoline are enough for 52 days in Venezuela, where coronavirus-related restrictions have reduced fuel consumption, according to Venezuelan economist Francisco Rodriguez.

Venezuela needs gas because mismanagement of its oil…

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