One thing that those of us who have worked with Rudy Giuliani know about him is that he is not stupid, and he is not naïve.

As a former federal prosecutor who worked on numerous counterintelligence investigations against Russian operatives, Giuliani is intimately familiar with the sophistication with which Russia’s intelligence agencies—first the KGB, and later FSB and GRU—can manufacture false documents as part of an effective disinformation campaign.

Sadly, Giuliani does not seem to care that he may be a pawn in Russia’s dirty tricks campaign against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. But it is not surprising, since Giuliani clearly relished his role amplifying the October Surprise that Russian intelligence operatives and WikiLeaks unleashed on America during the 2016 presidential campaign. This artful release of a combination of genuine stolen emails from Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, along with totally false and manufactured attacks on Clinton on various social-media…

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