Russia wants to disconnect the entire country from the global internet to simulate a cyberwar.
It will redirect domestic web traffic internally, through the Russian government routing points rather than using the global infrastructure on which the web was built.
It’s part of the Kremlin’s plan to make the country’s internet independent so that it could survive being cut off by other nations.
It comes as NATO countries step up sanctions and cyberattacks against Russia.
Having all web traffic within Russia pass through government routing points could also allow Moscow to set up a massive web censorship system, like in China.

Russia plans to temporarily disconnect the entire country from the global internet, in order to simulate an all-out cyberwar on the country.

Under this test, Russian internet service providers (ISPs) would have to redirect web traffic from within the country to routing points approved or managed by the government’s telecom watchdog, Roskomnazor, ZDNet reported, citing…

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