Netflix’s new dramedy is a beautiful, darkly funny journey through spiritual healing.

Netflix’s Russian Doll is one of those out-of-nowhere success stories the streaming service seems to occasionally stumble upon — an almost perfect, beautifully constructed season of television you’ll struggle to not devour in one big gulp.

It’s also a brilliant showcase for Natasha Lyonne, its co-creator and star, who also wrote and directed episodes across the eight-episode first season. She plays Nadia, a woman who, on the night of her 36th birthday, gets hit by a taxi and dies. And then she immediately “comes to” at her birthday party again. She’s stuck in a time loop, and no matter how far she makes it into that loop, she always returns to the birthday party once she dies. Sometimes she dies gruesomely; sometimes, hilariously.

That’s really all you should know about this wonderful series — indeed, you may know too much…

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