2020 Democratic National Convention/Reuters

The “October Surprise” unleashed by President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has turned out to be a dud of epic proportions—so sketchy that the author of the New York Post’s article reportedly refused to add his name to the byline. Despite glaring credibility issues, Giuliani argued the story should be widely disseminated. “Even if it isn’t accurate, the American people are entitled to know it,” he said.

The Trump administration’s trusty bedfellows at the Kremlin apparently adhere to the same philosophy. Russian state media outlets are going overboard to promote and legitimize the Hunter Biden allegations. Their desire to see Donald J. Trump re-elected is unwavering.

It seems their increasingly overt support for Trump is motivated by fear. 60 Minutes, which is broadcast on Russia’s most prominent state media channel Rossiya-1, reported that Trump is trailing behind Joe Biden in the polls and “will most likely lose the…

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