A Russian warship carrying a “hallucination” weapon that “makes enemies vomit” successfully navigated the English channel over the weekend after conducting “air defense and countersabotage exercises” near Scotland’s only air force base, according to the UK’s Sunday Times. 

Royal Navy warship HMS Defender was deployed to shadow the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov and three auxiliary vessels, which performed “provocative drills” in territorial waters, according to SNP defense spokesman Stewart McDonald. 

The Gorshkov – the first of a new class of Russian frigates – embarked from the Barents Sea port town of Murmansk, home to Russia’s northern fleet. 

Hallucinating device

According to the Times, the Gorshkov is equipped with a “5P-42 Filin” or “Owl” optical device which can “provoke hallucinations and sickness in enemies using fast pulses of high-intensity light beams.” 

The non-lethal Filin can be used at night or during twilight and is said to be effective from up to two kilometres away. In tests, volunteers who had the weapon turned on them found it was impossible…

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