US President Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Russian President Vladimir Putin are overseeing the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world. 
Public-health experts say that “science denialism” and downplaying the threat early on undoubtedly contributed to the virus spiraling out of control in these three countries.
There’s a “certain amount of luck involved” in terms of how countries fare during public-health crises, but “overall these leaders have cost tens of thousands of lives in their countries,” one expert told Insider.
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The US, Brazil, and Russia have the highest numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. All three countries are also led by men with well-documented records of pushing against science and spreading disinformation.

Public-health experts say it’s not a coincidence that the coronavirus outbreaks in these countries spiraled out of control, while warning that the cavalier attitude these leaders continue to exhibit toward the pandemic could…

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