What did Mueller find out about Trump associates and email leaks?

Were any Trump associates involved in the dissemination of emails stolen by Russian hackers?

The answer, according to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, is … redacted.

The section of the report that discusses this topic is one of the most heavily redacted in the entire 448-page document — making this one of the biggest loose ends remaining in the Mueller probe that’s important for understanding what happened during the 2016 campaign.

One reason for these redactions is that this discussion clearly involves longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, who was indicted in January for lying to Congress and attempting to tamper with a witness. Stone has a trial scheduled for later this year, and court rules say prosecutors shouldn’t release information that could prejudice the trial’s outcome. Many of the “Harm to Ongoing Matter” redactions likely refer to Stone.

Stone’s indictment documented that, after…

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