Russia claimed to have electronically brought down three of the 13 drones that swarmed its military bases in Syria. 
A drone expert told Business Insider that the US military doesn’t have the technology to bring down a swarm of drones. 
Either Russia is lying — or it has technology that the US doesn’t have. 

Russia said its military brought down three of the 13 drones that swarmed and attacked its Navy and air bases in Syria last week.

Russia’s claim should worry the US because its military doesn’t currently have the capability to electronically bring down swarming drones, according to Brett Velicovich, a leading expert in drones and author of “Drone Warrior.”

“What I think is the most concerning here quite frankly is that the Russians were able to electronically bring them down,” Velicovich told Business Insider in an email.

“Even the US Government doesn’t have this all encompassing capability yet, most of the counter-drone defense systems…

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