The developers of “Sputnik V,” Russia’s first vaccine against the coronavirus, have finally responded to a note of concern signed by dozens of scientists who highlighted statistical anomalies in the phase I/II data researchers at the Gamaleya Center published earlier this month. The vaccine’s developers shared their answers in the same authoritative peer-reviewed medical journal where they published their trial data: The Lancet. In the new text, “Safety and Efficacy of the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine: More Information Needed,” Denis Logunov (the deputy research director who leads the group responsible for Sputnik V) and his co-authors explain that the “repeated patterns” in the data flagged by Western colleagues are either the result of coincidences in a very small number of volunteers or in fact not repetitions at all. Meduza compared both sides’ arguments and asked an independent expert to comment on the dispute.

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