White House confirms Trump is to withdraw recently announced North Korea-related sanctions imposed by US treasury

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7.00pm GMT

The US posted its biggest monthly budget deficit in history last month, Bloomberg News reports.

The budget gap jumped to $234 billion in February, up from $215 billion in February 2018.

6.58pm GMT

Beto O’Rourke was one of just two Democrats to oppose measures to condemn Russia after its invasion of Iraq, the Daily Beast reports.

The Texas congressman voted against an aid package for Ukraine in 2014. He also voted against a resolution condemning Russian president Vladimir Putin for “carry[ing] out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”

6.55pm GMT

“There is not even the pretense of a national security process. Hard to imagine what would occur if there were a real crisis,” said Richard Haass, the…

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