Watch: Putin Dons Hazmat Suit In Rare Visit To Covid-19 Patients

Over the past years international media has been replete with images of Putin on horseback, Putin shirtless, Putin hunting and fishing, and the Russian president even engaged in a taekwondo competition.

But here’s one that’s truly new and a scene we would have never imagined, as Russian media reports: 

Russian President Vladimir Putin traded his usual shirt and tie for a hazmat suit as he visited patients receiving treatment for the Covid-19 virus in a Moscow hospital.

Images via Sputnik 

This may be the first instance of a major world leader publicly paying a visit to confirmed Covid-19 patients — something which secret service staffers for most world leaders would no doubt warn against, given the personal risks and dangers for the highly contagious disease.

Russia’s official confirmed number of coronavirus cases rose to 495 on Tuesday, though…

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