Watch Putin’s Limo Brand, Aurus, Crash Test Luxury Car At High-Rate Of Speed 

Tyler Durden

Mon, 07/06/2020 – 22:40

Russian carmaker Aurus, best known for producing President Vladimir Putin’s new bulletproof limo, recently released a video showing one of its sedans slamming into a barrier at a high rate of speed with crash dummies inside.

The video was first released via Russian broadcaster Zvezda, and then reported by Sputnik, which shows two mannequins, one in the driver’s seat and another in the front passenger seat of the sedan, crashing into a barrier at 64kph (40mph). 

The luxury sedan, listed for a quarter-million dollars, or about 18 million rubles, had the front end completely crushed from the impact. However, both mannequins remained in the car, protected from a full coverage airbag system. 

Russia has dumped $190.6 million, or about 12 billion rubles, into the Aurus car program (includes a limousine, a…

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