Watch: US “Successfully” Test-Launches Hypersonic Glide Body

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of coverage on hypersonic developments in Russia and China, mostly because their hypersonic programs are more advanced than the US. Now it appears the US could be catching up, as a new video via the US military shows a recent test of a hypersonic weapon.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) reported that it successfully launched a common hypersonic glide body (C-HGB) missile from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii, on March 19. 

U.S. Navy and U.S. Army jointly tests hypersonic glide body

— Dylan Malyasov (@DylanMalyasov) March 21, 2020

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) monitored the launch of the hypersonic missile as it hit speeds above Mach 5. Information gathered in this launch will further the DOD’s hypersonic program, reported Defense Blog. 

“This test builds…

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