Collusion, obstruction, redactions, and more.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election will at long last be released this Thursday morning, according to the Justice Department — but with some redactions.

The main text of the report is said to be more than 300 pages long, and it will reportedly be provided to Congress between 11 am and noon Eastern, and released publicly shortly afterward.

Before the report is released, Attorney General Bill Barr is scheduled to give a press conference about the report at 9:30 am Eastern, which you can watch at this link. Barr’s decision to make this appearance before he releases the report itself has caused some controversy.

The attorney general announced nearly four weeks ago that Mueller had concluded his investigation, that he’d bring no further charges, and that he had no more indictments under seal. However, Mueller also did hand off several unresolved…

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