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During his long campaign for the presidency, Joe Biden presented himself as the consummate Russia hawk — a man who would hold the Kremlin accountable for a litany of sins ranging from cyber-espionage to meddling in US elections.

Whereas Biden called China a competitor, he referred to Russia as an “opponent,” a country seeking to bully its neighbors in the post-Soviet space and challenge US hegemony around the world.

In the first 100 days of his term, however, now-President Joe Biden has adopted a more pragmatic mindset with respect to the Kremlin.

While Biden is no dove when it comes to Russia — the administration has enacted several rounds of economic sanctions against Moscow, the latest on April 15 in response to the SolarWinds cyber-breach — he is also cognizant that the US-Russia relationship is too big to fail completely.

If the first several months of Biden’s tenure are any indication of…

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