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Alexei Navalny on Thursday decried Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “naked king” clinging to power, during what marked the Kremlin critic’s first public appearance since he went on a hunger strike in prison. 

“I would like to say that your king is naked, and more than one little boy is shouting about it — it is now millions of people who are already shouting about it. It is quite obvious. Twenty years of incompetent rule have come to this: there is a crown sliding from his ears,” Navalny said of Putin while alluding to the recent anti-government protests across Russia linked to his imprisonment, per CNN.

“Your naked king wants to rule until the end, he doesn’t care about the country, he is clung to power and wants to rule indefinitely,” Navalny added. Putin, who has ruled over Russia for 20 years, in early April signed a law that…

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