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In May, a mysterious marketing agency contacted French influencer Léo Grasset and made a strange request.

The agency told Grasset, a popular science blogger, that it would pay him a “colossal” amount of money if he publicly cast doubt on the effectiveness of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

The agency, Fazze, asked Grasset to publish videos to his social media channels suggesting, falsely, that the western-made vaccine had caused over 1,000 deaths. The deal required that Grasset not reveal any sponsorship for the posts and would not ask who the client was making the request.

The Wall Street Journal later reported that Fazze — which contacted at least two other influencers — had ties with Russia. French counterintelligence authorities believe the campaign may have had Russian involvement, according to the report.

While claims of links to Moscow have not yet been proven, there is a distinctly Russian-style pattern in the attempt to use disinformation…

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